Dave Malouf on the ergonomics of lapdesks

Posted by hipstomp

The Laptop Laidback, the Wizard, the Lapdawg, the Air Desk: SCAD ID professor Dave Malouf (whose class project in laptop ergonomics we covered back in August) takes a look at a host of unconventional laptop “desks,” most designed to be used on couches and beds.

Of course if you use your laptop in an employer’s office or other conventional workplace, assuming a laying-down-on-the-job position, even in the rare instances when it would be logistically possible, is likely to be frowned upon. However, if you work on the web out of a home office as I do, working laid-back is not only possible, but arguably the ideal mode to use for long hours at the keyboard, especially in conjunction with a Wi-Fi connection. When you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to be pain- and stress-free, can extend your laptop usage, and are likely to be more efficient and effective.

Read his thoughts on the subject, and see links to some interesting products with truly awful websites, here.



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