Skype 5.0 Brings Facebook Integration, Improved Call Options To Windows

by Ray Willington

These days, people don”t “call each other.” They simply “Skype.” Skype is definitely making a mark in how people communicate, and with more and more people signing up for their VoIP services each and everyday, it”s becoming harder to ignore. The service just keeps getting better with each release, and today Skype version 5.0 is available for Windows users in order to bring them even more new extras.

Version 5.0 had previously been in beta, but now it”s fully out in the open and ready to integrate your Facebook friends. Integration is becoming the name of the game; with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and countless other social networking sites, pulling them together in Skype 5.0 is making it easier than ever to dial up friends from all regions of life. The new build also pulls in Facebook”s news feed and phonebook, and there”s a revised user interface as well. Additionally, there”s a group video calling feature that”s available, but remains in beta.

For the first time Skype users can keep up-to-dateand interact with their Facebook News Feed, including posting status updates, commenting, and liking, directly from Skype. Even better, the Facebook Phonebook in Skype allows users to call and SMS their Facebook friends directly on their mobile phones and landlines with just a few clicks. If your Facebook friend is also a Skype contact, you can make a free Skype-to-Skype call. Furthermore, the new Skype introduces automatic call recovery, which helps users quickly reconnect calls that are interrupted due to Internet connection problems. Plus, a call quality manager gauges audio and video quality during calls, providing guidance on resolving problems and improving the call experience.

The new version is available now from for Windows users.


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