Robohand shows work on prototype RoboLeg prosthetic

Robohand, a Pretoria, South Africa-based company providing reasonably priced prosthetics, has an early history described as “Just a South African Guy with an Idea.” That guy is carpenter Richard van As who had a woodworking accident in 2011 where he lost all his fingers on his right hand. Ruder awakenings followed in looking for replacement digits and in discovering prosthetic prices. He set to work researching and developing a finger replacement for himself. Robohand evolved into a company that has made a difference for hundreds. Today, a person can be assessed for a Robofinger if missing a finger (the Robofinger was designed with the tradesperson in mind, needing something strong enough for physical work. The original Robofinger is CNC machined in aluminum) or, missing more or all fingers, a Robohand. A 3D printed Robohand has gained publicity as a lower-cost prosthetic assembled with medical grade Orthoplastic at a fraction of the cost of traditionally made prosthetics. Orthoplastic (thermoplastic) is moldable, breathable and washable.

from – spotlight science and technology news stories


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