Chinese company can 3D-print 10 houses in 24 hours | DVICE

Credit: Winsun

3D printing a house is no longer a figment of our imagination. Winsun, a Chinese company based in Suzhou, China is now 3D-printing eco-friendly houses.

Instead of using bricks and mortar, Winsun’s 3D-printed houses are made from construction waste and cement and laid down one layer at a time. By using construction waste, the company says the houses are eco-friendly, super cheap to build (only $4,800 per house), and can be printed en masse (10 in 24 hours).

As you’d expect, the one-story houses are hardly what you’d call roomy. They’re designed to be a simple as possible and will be used mostly for office space. The only part that can’t be 3D-printed is the roof, and that’s because it’s technologically challenging to do so.

While the building’s walls and structure are 3D-printed, their assembly still appears to require human workers. It looks like construction workers may not have to take off their hard hats just yet.

"With 3D printing, in the future, we can build good buildings with reliable materials and without risk," says Ma Yihe, president of Winsun New Materials.

Hopeful as Ma is of the possibilities of 3D-printed houses and 3D-printed skyscrapers in the future, regulatory hurdles in China could prevent this whole 3D-printed building revolution from taking off, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Check out the video below to see a how 3D-printing a house works.

Via LiveScience and Wall Street Journal

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