New Matter turns to crowdfunding for home 3D printing

The New Matter MOD-t 3D printer which began its Indiegogo fundraising campaign on Wednesday is being offered at $299. The price of this eleven-pounder, compatible for home printing budgets, is not the only interesting feature. New Matter is a company with ambitious plans to make this a community-friendly, end to end user experience, including an online store with designs users can buy, customize, print, and share. Also, New Matter said people can sell their designs through New Matter and get paid. Users will be able to upload and sell their creations, setting the price for their objects. The New Matter MOD-t printer was being offered at $199. At the time of this writing, the printer at that price sold out. The MOD-t price is $249. For that price, you receive the printer, a 0.5 kg spool of filament, and access to the New Matter store and software apps. There are extra charges for shipping. Estimated delivery is May next year.

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