20 amazing scientific discoveries of 2015 so far – Business Insider

While looking through soil researchers found what appears to be the first new antibiotic in decades, which could be crucial in the fight against the growing problem of antibiotic-resistance.

Astronomers found a supermassive black hole that’s 12 billion times as massive as our sun.

And scientists mapped the epigenome, the genetic switches that activate or mute different parts of our DNA.

We’re not far into 2015 and many of us have spent the first couple months of the year hiding from the cold and snow, but science has moved forward in the first two months of the year in some amazing ways.

At Futurism.co, Alex Klokus created an infographic that highlights 20 of the most impressive scientific advancements and discoveries this year so far. We’ve republished the graphic here with permission, but you can check out Futurism’s interactive version to click through to a source for each story.

Futurism.co/Alex Klokus

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